1. Equipment I needed

    1. 445nm 2000mW Laser Diode (With 405-G-2 Focusing Lens)
    2. Thermal Adhesive
    3. Metallic Body (Police LED Torch)
    4. Laser Heatsink
    5. Laser Driver
    6. (Panasonic) 18650 Battery (3.7V, capable of 10+ Amps)
    7. Something to charge battery
    8. Misc. Equipment like screwdrivers or soldering iron.

    I used thermal adhesive to stick a dollar coin (fits perfectly in the torch) to the underside of the laser driver as a heatsink.

    Then I soldered the laser diode to the laser driver. I opened up the torch and removed all the circuitry and LED board, leaving just the switch in there.

    Thermal adhesive the led driver heatsink (coin) to the insides of the torch, then put the laser diode in the laser heatsink and using thermal adhesive stuck that into the torch body where the LED previously was.

    I wired the switch up to the laser driver and the other side was (already) connected to the battery.

    Wait for all the adhesive to dry, whack a battery in and have fun. Don’t go blind, so I use approved red safety goggles as they block the light of the laser. The focusing element hangs out the end and you’re able to adjust the focus of the laser beam. Oh, and don’t aim at it at anyone (or anyone in the sky). It can be powered for over a minute before it gets quite hot and I have to turn it off for about twenty seconds.

    If anyone is interested, I can get eBay links to the items I used (or similar versions). In total the project cost me about $150 where over $100 was in buying the laser diode. Where I live it’s legal to import any laser diode of any strength, but not anything over 1mW (this is 2000mW) in a pre-assembled laser pointer. The project was legal where I live because I built it myself from components that I could safely legally import.


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